Sunday, March 12, 2006

chubby dee

Oh yes! Jayson( Director/flash genuis/husband ) has a very cool website and cool stuff so check it out!
Also these are 3 shorts he did for michel gagne's insanely twisted shadow puppets!
also there is a trilobyte show michel is doing with our friend andrew scott.Great Stuff!!!


Piotr said...

Nice to see that Jay has his wife's support!

tiramisue said...

Heya C-poo!! My friend Rick just sent me a sewing pattern guide for the furry lobster that was recently discovered! I thought you might be interested:

'Thinking about giving it a try this week. A blue one would be very cute! ^_^

See ya!

cutesypoo said...

too fun! thanks for the link!
hehee can't wait to see yours!
i just got my dreampets book in the mail today and am coming up with my next toy soon. This book is too good!