Sunday, March 19, 2006


hey i made another coconut bun but it was a gift and i forgot to take a picture of it..
it took me all friday! oh well on the other hand i did some online shopping!

I got this!

it's a book that has all the storyboards from all the foolycooly
episodes!! plus i got the thing on sale!

also i got the coveted dream pets book inclusing 180 pages
of dreamy pet goodness!!! thanks to finding all about it on
gummy fish wrapper! I have this toy from my trip to tokyo
a year ago and since then i am obsesssssed!!!

and watch this the octopus!
It's gimmie gimmie octopus!



Anonymous said...

gimmie gimmie octopus! Yes! Where did you find these?

cutesypoo said...

Jayson's friend Andrew gave us the link there is more on you tube if you look for it.;D