Sunday, April 16, 2006

Cutie Honey!!

I just came back from upper bc at gallager lake for the long weekend
It's nice to get away for the long weekend but glad to be home also!

This is a my first try on the new Sketchbook program
everyone is talking about.. I really like it the program
because it is really intuitive - this is with the pencil
tool but there is pen and marker and everything i always
use anyway.

I just watched re:cutie honey and the animation is crazy awesome!
Here is a opening sequence from it. Basically a remake of the old
60's anime cartoon.

I think i am becoming a fan of the director, Anno hideako.


Piotr said...

SketchBook Pro is nice, but I use photoshop just as well. The onl problem with sketchbook pro is that it's so much like a regular sketchbook, that you may as well use REAL materials! :P

Alina Chau said...

Wooooo ... lovely character drawings!! THe stickers ROCK!! They are soo cute!!

Heather_Chavez said...

wow, I wanna try the new sketchbook program that drawing is great. I like that cartoon, very cool animation

KeiSawada said...

A rough line is very wonderful.
I love it!

GiorgioDaneri said...

i made that video, using Re: Cutie Honey sequences ¿why didin't you put that?

tiramisue said...

'Cute drawing :D

I never saw an episode of Cutey Honey before, but i've always loved the theme song. 'So catchy.

Is 'Cutey Honey' all of those girls? The one with the long, blonde hair transforms into them, right? or no?

Also, what's with her clothes constantly getting chopped off? hahaha


cutesypoo said...

thanks for the comments!


Actually I think i am going to be using sketchbook pro to be doing storyboard clean up here at work but not for a while. yeah!

giorgio daneri
you made that? it's great!

yeah i have the song on my mp3 player it's soo addicting!
Yeah cutey honey is long blond hair then transforms into cuteyhoney
with the pinkhair and then she can wear any costume to spy on people!

Dee C.K. said...

Very cute sketch!! Don't you just love this program?? It gives me a reason now to draw a character everyday!! Love it!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Yaxin said...

I didn't know this Sketchbook pro... looks nice what you can do with it :+)

Junky Justin said...

Nice drawing of Cutie Honey. I haven't seen the cartoon, but I rented the live action Cutie Honey movie and it rocked my world. It's really fun...and really WEIRD.

Jay D Smith said...

great cuite honey!!!