Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I plan to print this on sticker paper for sticker goodness
heheee..those little soy milk drink boxes are like the kind i had
when i was little kid !!

I was wondering if i could sell these sometime ..
You think people would pay for my crazy doodles
of baked goods? Well if you want a copy i can sell
you one when i print mine just email me. :D


burgerlog said...

i think i would buy those. i can never have enough STICKERS!!!

Heather_Chavez said...

CUTE!!!! Ah so cute I want to eat them all up ;0)

Clio said...

Oh I used to drink those too! So yums. If you make smelly stickers I will buy them!!

Dan Santat said...

I would totally buy these stickers and Fooly Cooly rules. :P

Dhube said...

So cute!! :)

tiramisue said...

'Count me in, C-poo! I'd love to buy some of those stickers of yours ^_^

I'm curious, too:

Where do you go to have sticker sheets like that made? If you can toss a link my way, i'd really appreciate it! :D

See ya!
-Sue :)

cutesypoo said...

I'm not going anywhere to have the stickers done.. just going to try printing them at home this weekend hopefully if i have time!

I'll email you guys when it's ready!

Dee C.K. said...

I want some~.~
These would be delicious!!!