Monday, April 24, 2006


I got to play on my Cintique( the kind of computer that has
a wacom monitor) today at work.
Another sketchbook Pro doodle of a girl with glasses
I like glasses! Maybe because i don't need them..
And for some reason my brain wasn't in colour mode.

Sooo we ( me and jayson are going to pool our $$ for a cintique
at home! I'm soooo excited!!

Also I might be selling my toys and stickers at the richmond night market this year as my friend is going to be having a table there and said i could try selling stuff too!


Thomas said...

Pretty stuff on your blog, lovely characters.
good luck for your selling!

Junky Justin said... wanna try one of those cintique things oneday. It looks so natural and intuitive to use. You are lucky! I like your toys and stickers, by the way. You'll make a mint!

forlackofbetter said...

I keep coming back to your site but I never think to comment about your stuff...that's ridiculous.
Anyway, love your work. Always alot of fun to look at and blah blah blah, praise praise praise, you know.
I'd love to work a little with sketchbook much money...course, I haven't checked the price in awhile...maybe it's gone down, right? (wrong?)
OH, and peedlin back a little...Re:Cutey Honey...Awesome, right? Man did I love bad it was so short.
Keep up the awesome though.

cutesypoo said...

Thx for the comments! (blush)

I just hope i have enough stuff to sell!

As for sketchbook that program is really easy to get i got it off someone off work for free! The drawing of cutey honey wasn't done on a cintique so you can see it works well both ways ........just it's better on the cintique..

UrbanBarbarian said...

Adorable! The glasses make it!