Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Here is something i did this morning while waiting for the storyboard revisions from the dirctor. i love seeing harajuku clothing from japan i love fashion!!

Plus i am making more toys but i will wait to post them later..

This is my last week doing revisions then i get 2 whole weeks off before i start storyboards on george! yeah!!


forlackofbetter said...

You didn't draw that pattern on the skirt...WHAT A RIP OFF!

Making lookin good seem easy as always. Later.

goldenrusset said...

hey i really like this! you should do more of them..

Andrew said...

More toys!!!!! Yeah!!!!!

??? ??? said...


Junky Justin said...

I just love girls who dig fashion who draw!!! (Don't worry, I'm gay, I'm not hitting on you.) More illustrators should pay attention to fashion details. Bravo for doing it! Gwen Stefani's trying to bring those Harajuku girls into fashion, but I like it better when you do it. Love the background, too.

nico said...

oh my gosh ive been to your blog before! i recodnize your cute bambi drawing! you will always be cramcream girl to me!! '-'/ yay ima linky dink your blog to mime too :)

Juanma said...

Hey that´s great!!,like that picture very much the girl realy belongs..
Now what´s with the poo.fixation thing?.....hahaha

cutesypoo said...

thanks for all the comments!

haha yeah i am REALLY into fashion
if i'm not drawin i'm Shopping!!
IT was a hard choice for me to be either into animation or fashion but i think it worked out great.

As for harajuku..well i love the shopping there but the experiance is
even better i highly reccommend it!

RÃ¥nny said...

ooooh, I really like this one. I love her spunky attitude. c: