Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Toys are Here!!!

I finally can take pics of my toys i
made last week!! Here are all my little creations!!

All of them are made from felt and the fabric is vintage
fabric from the 60's that my chinese grandmother (popo)
saved from rice sacks!

If you want to adopt one they are 25 dollars and
probably the only chance to get something i did
for a long while! ( i am starting boards next week)

i don't have a store yet so i am using paypal
as payment! Simply email me the one you want
by description and i will email you a bill for paypal
and shipping is extra but i'll ship anywhere.

This is strawberry pup pup!Sold!

Here is cherry blossom bear!!Sold!
Here is summer bunny!Sold!

here is plum blossom monkey!!!!!SOLD!!!!!

Here is black zen kitty!

uh oh looks like red cherry monkeee ate too much bananas!!Sold

My favorite! Green tea bunny contemplates life.SOLD!!!!Here is a replica of the original one i did . it's mod retrobear!

here is lilac pup pup!

Here is tabby kitty as she looks for a tasty birdy outside.


forlackofbetter said...

Ah, so that's what's been keeping you wonder, hah. These look awesome by the way...and I WOULD be inclined to buy one but...I think my room is a little to..."manly" for something like that (He says while snuggling his teddy ruxpin).
And that show you talked about in the last post?...awesome.

Alina Chau said...

Ooooh!! THese little animals are tooo CUTE!! LOVE THEM!! PRETTY cute little things!!

Andrew said...

I love your cute little critters!!!!!

Funky Finds said...

OMG these are SO freaking cute! I want them all :) Thanks for coming by Funky Finds & commenting.

hobo divine said...

Don't worry lilac pup pup, I love YOU!
These are soooooooo wicked!
(*Jause* pronounced like "sauce" but with a "J")

Take care and keep on rockin' it!

Junky Justin said...

I LOVE THESE. I would totally buy one, but my small NY apartment has told me not to stuff ANYTHING else into it's tiny corridors. It's already mad at me for the last thing I brought home:

You gotta' get your wares into stores!

Oh, and to answer your question, the backgrounds on my blog are going to be digitally composited behind live-action puppet characters.

Your work rocks and brings a smile to my face!

Mark Ackland said...

good lord! Those are awesome!!!

Sam said...

Wow.. your stuff is so cute.. this will be hard to resist!

Alikins said...

Absolutely LOVE your cutie little creatures! I want some!! GREAT work! Where can I buy them??? ;)

Dee C.K. said...

Just have to say i adore Summer Bunny and green Tea Bunny....wish there were more...;p

Jenny said...


Jules Knoblock said...

wow, these are really excellent! Sometimes I stumble across a site which I just love on first glance. Yours is one of those!