Wednesday, July 26, 2006

another t shirt design!


Jayson got another design accepted so please vote for it too!!

i love this one he made one for for me on my birthday!

here is the link!
thanks for any votes!!

Salty - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever


Alexei Martins said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...i love your design for t's so cute!!!!!

forlackofbetter said...

In really stinks cause I love these designs and I'd love even more to vote but I think I keep deleting the "activation email" for this place...harumph harumph.
Anyway, I'll get to it this time. Don't worry, you'll get that new car...or...whatever you're trying to win.

Clio said...

I like this one ever better than the gamer one! Maybe because I'm not a gamer. Salt liiiick! Gets mah vote.

RÃ¥nny said...

I hope I am not too late to vote! I'll do that right now :D

Robin Hall said...

man, I have to say you have the coolest blog -- I followed a link to that 'build yourself a mushroom house of paper' site. Weird and intruiging at the same time! I'm going to go vote for your shirt and I'll check back in again