Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I'm back from Vegas somewhat alive..

It was pretty different than what i was thinking
but the best parts for me was the food and shows
since i gambled a total of 4 dollars on the last day.
he hee!

Here's me and jayson with penn and teller
after seeing their show! It was the best
because they made fun of cirque de soliel!
Penn has a podcast that i'm currently downloading
onto my nano. Great stuff!

Also the best buffet in vegas is the wynn buffet!
we went twice! The second time we went at brunch and
ate till dinner for the king crab legs!! waaaaa!!!! so yummmmy!!!

i have to go back to work..:p

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

leaving for los vegas

so tommorow i am leaving for a little
vacation in vegas! It's a stagette!

umm today i was thumbnailing at home and
decided on a whim to take a break to clean
the basement and i also made myself a craft

check it out!
these toys are for the betty joy online store that is opening soon!
She asked me to make some bunnies and bears. I think they are the best
i have made yet!

sneak peek!
while on the subject i include my desk at work.
i love how they have decorated the studio for george of the jungle
you can't see it but right over my desk is a tiki lounge!

Plus i am in my first art gallery show called I'm stuffed in Baltimore!
My paper crane has a pic of it in her flickr about it and one of her picks has my toy in
it ever so slightly it is the black cat in pink on the bottom left picture she has.

anyhow.. it's a start...

Also for no real reason execpt that i never have the time to make food so i was proud and tooki pics of some salads i made on my week off that
i think are pretty! yeah pretty salads!!

above is spinach,proccuitto,pear, goat cheese, curry cashews and blackberries picked from bushes on the way home with grapes and below is avacado tomato, soy cheese with a basil
vinigrette and bowties cuz it's a fancy salad of course!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ahh chooo!!

i have a cold and am hurridly trying to recover so i am well by thursday
when i am going to los vegas for fun in the sun!

I'm currently working on the halloween episode for george of the jungle
and i finally found this on you tube when researching it's the great opening
credits to lemony snickets series of unfortunate events. I wish the whole
movie looked like this! Then i would have actually liked it.

ps wait for more toys i am making lots!!