Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I'm back from Vegas somewhat alive..

It was pretty different than what i was thinking
but the best parts for me was the food and shows
since i gambled a total of 4 dollars on the last day.
he hee!

Here's me and jayson with penn and teller
after seeing their show! It was the best
because they made fun of cirque de soliel!
Penn has a podcast that i'm currently downloading
onto my nano. Great stuff!

Also the best buffet in vegas is the wynn buffet!
we went twice! The second time we went at brunch and
ate till dinner for the king crab legs!! waaaaa!!!! so yummmmy!!!

i have to go back to work..:p


Piotr said...

I bet you two felt like magicians at that buffet, making all the food disappear! Poof! Save some for the kids, come on...

Clio said...

Eat _UNTIL_ dinner? Holy whoop that's awesome!! Let's go out for yummy food soon.

Junky Justin said...

That buffet looks too beautiful to eat! Thanks for the nice compliments on my Betty Boop drawings. Hope you had fun in Vegas. My brother got MARRIED there, and we had a blast attending the wedding!

hobo divine said...


Which one is Penn? Is that the one that doesn't talk?

cutesypoo said...

the big guy is penn and the smaller one is teller - he is the one that doesn't talk but we talked to him when we took this pic.

Andrew said...

I think Jay finally topped eating a whole medium pizza (one of his outstanding lifetime accomplishements!) Congrats on a successful good time!!!! WE miss you dudes!!!

Aaron said...

Penn and Teller are my heroes - you should check out their tv show bull----!

it's pretty foul-mouthed, considering one of them doesn't talk.