Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I took a little break recently as i finished up storyboards on george of the jungle. phew!
I wanted to make this one so badly from my latest japanese craft book.
Really easy to make only thing i changed was the eye is a google eye instead of fabric.

Also i forgot to post this little chipmunk whick i made with the others but i kept
for myself. kinda trippy mushroomy chipmunk...haha!


nico said...

oh my gawd they are mini cute killers i love all of them!! the chipmunk is sweeet ak the spotted mushroom to die for. !! the skunks so rad! xox

Junky Justin said...

WHAT a cute elephant. I this one.

Clio said...

Hey that elephant is swell! Glad to see you making stuff with your time off, make moooore =)