Wednesday, January 10, 2007

domo arigato!


I wanted to let everyone know i am spending the month of january
in japan for relaxation and research!! So i will be back in February
for more felt fun and way cool fabrics that i am buying up here!!

Meanwhile i just discovered that CRAFT Magazine has a bit on me in
their blog and am blown away!! I love their magazine and subscibe to it.
So check the article out and get the magazine!

plus i will post photos then too!


Piotr said...

Oh have fun! My brother is living in Japan, so say hello if you see a Tall white man, HAHA!

(He's on the island of Okinawa)

cutesypoo said...
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cutesypoo said...

i don't think i will be venturing as far as okinawa but too bad i know it is nice and warm there and kyoto is cold!!!

Clio said...

Jocelan! You should get some of these made for cards!

We miss ya here! See you soon!

Andrew said...

I have a Tako for ya when you're back

forlackofbetter said...

I figure by now you're either back or still enjoying the wonders of the far east.
Either way, the critters are looking great and there's probably tons to tell of your adventures through godzilla's stomping yards.
Can't wait.

Dee C.K. said...

Hey! Hope you had fun....(you might be back by now).
Can't wait to see pics of your travels and all that yummy research! ;)