Thursday, February 22, 2007

you tubing booty 2!

first one
Aim for the top 2!
I first discovered this in the animation center in tokyo!
I love Gainax!!

second one is Getsumento heiki miinaor i like to call it carrot girl show!

Third is a short film by Osamu tezuka called jumping

Last is the house of doom episode which was the first storyboard i ever did did!!
It seems i have learned lots so i am looking forward to season 2!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bettyjoy sale!!

There is a great sale at Bettyjoy and my toys are also on sale there so check it out!
The only one not on sale is lilac pup pup that i recently sent her it is the same toy
that i put in the plush you show in seattle.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Japan vacation photos!

I would have posted Wayyyy earlier but i was soooo jet lagged it didn't happen.
Plus now i am back to work so i have been busy with that..
It was a totally different experiance being in japan for a month than when i went
2 years ago for a mere 10 days. I really got to feel like how it would have been to live there.
I can't really write all of it..i make a lot of japanese food now for dinner there is this great book i
picked up there called "japanese women don't get old or fat. "
Learned some japanese and i really want to take a proper class when i have some time.
But i missed having a kitchen after a while eating out everyday got tiring..A big Thank you to
Ritsoku who was the best for showing us the best bits of tokyo!! Here are some highlights;
A lantern outside of an old famous okonomiyaki place i always saw a huge line for it
so we went really early on our last day and we were 2nd in line but then after noon it was still not open and there was at least 8 people in line. Turned out it was closed that day!!!

A strawberry cake at a wonderful zakka bakery in the back ally of high class Ginza. yummy!
Store of fake food on kappabashi road. we got a few pieces and the owner made it all by hand himself!
This is the always busy outside it's the outside shops leading to the famous sensoji temple.
Ritsoko taught us the right way to go to temple and we got a fortune also for new years.
We could walk here from our ryokan ( japan style hotel) . They sold kimonos to fresh dango.
Most of the shops here are owned by families some dating back to the edo period!
We were so lucky to be in tokyo at same time as Sumo! I had been watching it on tv at our ryokan and we got tickets on the second last day of the tournament it was extra lucky when in
the middle of the matches the emperor of japan showed up to watch the last half rounds!!!
This is all the sumos facing the emperor and being introduced by name.
Harajuku on sundays bring out all the fashion kids.
This is Me and Jayson in Kyoto at the famous golden temple. It is both raining and sunny!
We went with my friends sister Lisa Hansen and her boyfriend both are students there at the university had lots of good times!

LOTs more pics if you want to see more see my flickr folder for tokyo 2007.