Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bettyjoy sale!!

There is a great sale at Bettyjoy and my toys are also on sale there so check it out!
The only one not on sale is lilac pup pup that i recently sent her it is the same toy
that i put in the plush you show in seattle.


forlackofbetter said...

First off, good to have yah back...second...plushes look great...third..."fake food"?
Seriously? I know there's alot of crazy trends out there but I wouldn not have seen that coming.
I mean, what's it made of?
(we're really curios here at the office, hah)
keep it awesome.

cutesypoo said...

Thanks flob!
yeah the fake food is made entirely of plastic! Then painted by hand! CRAZY! I should post the food we brought home from that shop it really realistic even up close.

Alikins said...

the plushies are SO darn CUTE! They just get better and better each time I visit! ;)