Thursday, February 22, 2007

you tubing booty 2!

first one
Aim for the top 2!
I first discovered this in the animation center in tokyo!
I love Gainax!!

second one is Getsumento heiki miinaor i like to call it carrot girl show!

Third is a short film by Osamu tezuka called jumping

Last is the house of doom episode which was the first storyboard i ever did did!!
It seems i have learned lots so i am looking forward to season 2!!!


Piotr said...

i never got a chance to watch a full episode of pucca! this is so great! terrific job on the storyboarding, and I assume jayson did some animation? really fun to watch, great job!

cutesypoo said...

thanks piotr you should see you tube they have lots if you put in pucca jetix. As for animation jayson was the director on that episode he didn't animate on it. But my friend tony cliff did the great garu falling back to earth from the sky scene!

dookie-poo said...

Hey Cutesy Poo, you am any relation to Dookie-Poo?

Me am a little taller tham you but you could be Dookie's sister.

Dookie like your toys! You am talented.

forlackofbetter said...

Great stuff my friend...especially that Tezuka piece. I'd never seen that one yet. I mean, it's no astro boy but...awesome all the same, hah.
And yes...Gainax just seems to always bring the awesome, I can't wait for their new thing to come out. Not surprising gots some robots.