Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pucca update

I am finishing up on George of the Jungle and Pucca is ramping up pretty quickly.
Jayson is promoted to Co directing it. I am Storyboarding again with him.
So I thought i would put up various Pucca stuff i had in my computer. I have some old animatics somewhere but i am kinda embarassed..he hee.

This is the Pucca happy meal that they had in Europe ..i believe. pucca fans .impressive!

Pucca vehiclesOf course see Pucca episodes on you tube or the original short cartoons on vooz.


Piotr said...

hah wow, it must be a wonderful feeling to see fans of your work! you guys deserve it great stuff always!

- Shakty - said...

Congrats Again ^_^ I love your work and I'm crazy for Pucca too ^_^.

Can't wait to see more of the upcoming work and merch.

Carrie said...

All very fun stuff :) And your work is adorable :) I'll take one of each, please ;) Thanks for entering my giveaway!!

Jazzy Justin said...

All this Pucca stuff is so cute. It's inspiring to look at Japanese design...I'm going to try to do an anime type version of Betty Boop.

Clio said...

Wow, look at that Pucca fever! I want those cupcakes. Man, I'm slowly making my way through Cutie Honey? Slowly as in frame-by-framing the action and not entirely out of perviness? It is so, so awesome.

ismoyo said...

You know i'm really proud of you?
And every time i see pucca stuff or esp the pucca animations i think of you! Keep up the good work!