Saturday, April 14, 2007


So i have been buried in storyboard work for Pucca but alas the end is near...
but i will be working all weekend . Before the board i did manage to make myself
this cell phone pouch!weee!

Also i am in a couple of shows that are coming up!

First one in in the UK is a show called "Food Stuff" held by amy spencer
that is in May .

Second is "The T Show" held by Jamie Mason and Mark Ackland.
Also here is some great handmade cards that i won at the violets are blue blog contest!!
check out her store!


Piotr said...

i want a cell phone pouch! but I don't even have a cell phone...ah well..!

Robin Hall said...

oh man, exciting, working on these new shows!

i realize I haven't commented here lately, but I keep myself updated on your art...

which I love, this post is great!

kennypark said...

Joc, if you were to ever open up a store I think it may just be the cutest store... ever.

Alina Chau said...

Soooo cute and pretty!!