Tuesday, May 08, 2007

summer is creeping in!

I know i haven't blogged in a while but who can with the sun outside?

Lots of stuff going on with my first published picture is going to be in
Gastronomica Magazine. Also i might be in a book called "Slow handicraft :
80 handmade creators and D.I.Y hot tips" The website has some great interviews with


anyway here are some doodles i have done at work.


Piotr said...

oh awesome to see ur doodles! great stuffo :P

Jocelan Hillton said...

yeah i know i should do more drawing posts

Jay D Smith said...

very,very cute!

hows life at studio b?


lookwhaticando said...

LOVE your doodles and those egg tarts are sooooo cute. xoxo

Jocelan Hillton said...

Life at studio b is good!
I am planning to head to sandiego comic con ! last minute decision..
and i just found out my passport expires tommorow arrghh! i hate getting passpaorts..

Clio said...

Ahhhh eggplant kitty is to die for.

Alikins said...

oh so cute!! as is all your stuff, so, no surprise! :)
how exciting about the potential book inclusion!! you definitely deserve to be included! YAY :)

Chenni said...

just stumbled upon your blog. everything is soooo cute here. especially the egg tarts.

Alina Chau said...

THese are soo cute and pretty!!

Piotr said...

TAG you're it! Post 7 things about you (any topic) and tag 7 others...go!

Jocelan Hillton said...

1-I just got up from a nap at 3 pm
2-I suck at tennis
3- My favorite food is salmon
because it is yummy and healthy.
4-I'm excited to go to comic con for the first time this year!
5-I hate driving i still need to get my class 5 test which i am booking today..:P
6-most likely i will not remember to tag the 7 other people..
7- I like to make chicken sounds

Robin Hall said...

Oh man, so adorable! Peach kitties!

Thanks for the comment, Jocelan! Don't lose your sketchbook, it's not fun