Monday, June 25, 2007

I recently bought a new camera thanks to clio as she was going to buy a canon S3 IS
so i came along and ended up getting it too. Anyhow i took it to jayson's cousin's wedding
on sat to test it out and we ended up loving it! he hee!

here is the sepia tone

black and whitevibrant red

super macro slug
this is me on widescreen black and white.hope y'all have a great long weekend here in canada!
I have a whole bunch more on my flickr!


Clio said...

These all turned out great! And awesome photo of you in the last one. So serene! Ok, I'm coming to work now so we can yell at the boys.

Dennis Luis said...

great toy( camera)+ great eye = great photos! nice work jocelan. love the colours! and when u get to work with clio, please dont yell at the boys. we are scared.... hahahaa