Tuesday, July 31, 2007

San Diego Comic Con

This was my first time at the San diego comic con and i wasn't disappointed!
The Booth rows went up to 5000!

Here i am at the Nucleus Booth I met up with them for the first time and they were nice enough to let me share some booth room as i had no real room on the busy flight table..They were super cool !! We got some great prints they had to finally decorate my living room with.

This was the cutest toy ! cute stuffed boobs!!!
The flight booth Clio is holding the nickolodeon slap bracelet she loved that thing!
So I got a bunch of stuff i should take pics of the stuff when i get it on the wall.
It was great to talk to people to get feedback that was priceless!
I hope to go again with more stuff than this time. However this morning i get up
and find out studio b still needs help so i am going to work a couple days a week on martha the dog show..I hope i can keep the rest of the week to work on my toy line.

Check out my flickr for more pics.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

San Diego Comic con

so i am leaving tommorow to the sandiego comic con with my lastest batch of eggtarts!
I made the faces a lot better this time with my new Gocco i printed the faces on.
Actually i had some help this time so i asked my friend shelley who is an awesome sewer to help me sew my egg tarts. Thats her on the right and me on the left.
I will be at booth #1128 also the Flight booth also near the Nucleus booth i hear.
Besides the egg tarts i will be selling pins and my skunk toys also.

Who else is going? what booth are you at?ahhh so excited!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

cube cat paper toy

Hey everyone!
check out jayson's cool cube cat paper toy!
He is giving out the pattern for free so you can make one too,
Go here.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cutesypoo Flickr Group

So i finally started a group called cutesypoo on flickr.
It is for "The art of cute" a concept i have been thinking
of lately..

The main theme of it is really any toy or drawing that is not just cute
i mean it is so cute it becomes an art.

so join my club!
250 members so far!

Update* Craft blog has featured my flickrgroup! yeah!

pucca stuff!

well i thought i would post about my work on pucca now that i'm wrapped up.
Pucca was my first time storyboarding but even with experiance ..returning
on it was still a challenge. I hope it does well as the first season.

Now that the first season is aired on television i am finally free to post stuff from it!
This is the animatic to one of my favorite episodes ..i call it nurse pucca but the title
was changed to "a leg up". Jayson and i actually came up with the idea and got it approved.
I storyboarded it and Jayson directed it.

Also Jayson has put up the animatic to the awesome opening titles on his blog!!

Also check out the flikr group for pucca images.

Monday, July 16, 2007

A new Leaf

I know i haven't been blogging but i have been having
a lot of fun in the sun and also i am happy to say i am wrapped up
on Pucca season 2! I will be concentrating on my toys now until i start
boarding on Rob's show kid vs kat in october, so i get the summer off!

Also i am busy making egg tarts for the san diego comic con. It will
be my first time there so i am super excited! who else is gonna be there?

mainly i am going to be looking into really starting up my toy business
as i love drawing but toys are something i really want to start getting
into more than a hobby.

here are some pics i took with the cam.enjoy!
i will try to post way more often now.

fun at the quickie mart with jayson and denny.

i love this wooden decole set i had to buy it from my fav store occupied.posted more pics on flickr.