Monday, July 16, 2007

A new Leaf

I know i haven't been blogging but i have been having
a lot of fun in the sun and also i am happy to say i am wrapped up
on Pucca season 2! I will be concentrating on my toys now until i start
boarding on Rob's show kid vs kat in october, so i get the summer off!

Also i am busy making egg tarts for the san diego comic con. It will
be my first time there so i am super excited! who else is gonna be there?

mainly i am going to be looking into really starting up my toy business
as i love drawing but toys are something i really want to start getting
into more than a hobby.

here are some pics i took with the cam.enjoy!
i will try to post way more often now.

fun at the quickie mart with jayson and denny.

i love this wooden decole set i had to buy it from my fav store occupied.posted more pics on flickr.

1 comment:

blushing apples said...

arggh! I cant belive you got that decole stew set, I'm so jelous ^_^