Tuesday, July 17, 2007

pucca stuff!

well i thought i would post about my work on pucca now that i'm wrapped up.
Pucca was my first time storyboarding but even with experiance ..returning
on it was still a challenge. I hope it does well as the first season.

Now that the first season is aired on television i am finally free to post stuff from it!
This is the animatic to one of my favorite episodes ..i call it nurse pucca but the title
was changed to "a leg up". Jayson and i actually came up with the idea and got it approved.
I storyboarded it and Jayson directed it.

Also Jayson has put up the animatic to the awesome opening titles on his blog!!

Also check out the flikr group for pucca images.


xenos said...

hey cutesypoo. thanks for the invite at flickr and will make sure to bookmark your blog. dig pucca and thanks for the animated storyboards.

Piotr said...

incredibly entertaining just as a animatic! all the work you duo put together is amazing, very inspiring, i have to get my animation together. keep it up!

*BB* said...

no freaking way! I love Pucca! My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy but shes hilarious

Diana Coronado said...

Love Pucca, it's a shame that i can't find some stuffs about her here in my country