Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happiness is a new kitten

I have been trying to adopt a kitten in the last year but have been procrastinating as my job is too crazy but with 2 months off i know it was now or never.. so luck had it that i was returning from almost getting a kitten from paws but it was adopted and i came home to check craigs list and there was a ad of her and it was just posted! So we drove down and the lady and her son was so nice they had 3 cats and one of them had kittens so there you go..she was the last one too:D


iced said...

Ooh, named it yet? Another ginger tabby, cute :D


helenmarie said...

That's Fabulous! i had a kitty that looked just like her. (Did you say it was a she?)
I called her Kitty Carlyle....I don't know why. But she was so young when I got her she didn't know how to lick herself and keep her coat clean. I ended up shaving her matted coat off...that taught her really fast.
Ha Ha that's my Kitty story!

blushing apples said...

how cute! ^_^

gnathalie2 said...

Aren't new kitties the best!!?!!! Lucky you!!!

*BB* said...


lemonade said...

yeay! i heart kitties!! my lil guy is 10 mo. old this month. cheers to your new little cutie pie!