Thursday, January 10, 2008

Crouching Kitty Angry Monkey

The Nature of Water Show opened last weekend at Nucleus.
So i can now post what i made for the show!
Also here is a link to see all the awesome art from the show!

I always liked that way bruce lee sounds when he fights it was so much
like an angry monkey, so thus i had to make a mad monkey plush!

Pepper is just a camera here is one with just the monkey:
To whomever bought him..thanks!
and enjoy!


ismoyo said...

Oh i love Monkey Bruce!
I definitely see the Bruce Lee inspiration in him. So great!

mushroommeadows said...

hahahaha he's so cute! I love his expression and his arms and legs to match his aggression. :D Nice job.

kawaii crafter said...

I agree with mushroommeadows, his expression is great. He looks like he could come to life any minute.

potato farm girl said...

That is so cute! I'll have to make it out to the gallery to see it in person!

NiRosha K said...

he looks so real it's scary! Very cute..death by cute even! lol