Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hot Dog Buns!

Well Here is my new toy i have been working on lately! Mr Hot Dog Bun!
My favorite one so far! Plus i used Gocco japanese printer to print on the faces
for them and i also made my first batch of gocco faces coconut buns too!

The hot dog bun can also come out of the bun and i am shipping them in my cute new
bakery boxes!

Plus i also opened a new store to try at the Big Cartel. But i am still keeping my etsy store
i just thought i would try this out too since they don't charge a fee and it is free. why not?

yum yum!


mushroommeadows said...

AHHHHHHHH....He's definitely one of my favorites too. I love the coconut bun also!!!

I love the fact that Mr. Hot Dog is removable. And his expression is priceless. VERY NICE JOB! :)

TokyoBunnie said...

I love Mr. Hot Dog! So adorable!