Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Big Shop Update!

Cutesypoo Pillow Fight!

I sold out of these poo pillow at the occupied store so i whipped up more for her.
But i am also posting some on my etsy as well as in the Grumble Toy Store
in case you are not in vancouver you can still get one for your couch!

UPDATE! Here is a great article featuring my poo pillows over at The Trend De La Creme Blog!


bunzi said...

never thought,
never knew,
cute could
be poo.

very cute!

Tizzalicious said...

The poo pillows are so cute!

Noni said...

Piles of poo rock big time! :P

(Funny; I already spotted you on DaWanda but I didn't expect to find your poo just two blogs away from mine, hehe!)