Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pics from Comic Con of my toys!

Here are my toys on display at comic con this year courtesy of skepticism on flickr and erick took one too! They said that there is a "buzz" about my egg tarts so i am very hopeful!

Plus i am approving the prototype today so i am hoping that the release will be this christmas.
Okay so enough giddying around i got to get this new website up!

Friday, July 25, 2008

San Diego Comic Con!

I hope this is not too late as the Con has already started yesterday!
But i want to let people know that i am displaying my original prototype
handmade toys at the DKE TOYS Booth #4732.

These are the toys that ESC TOYS are making right now for me, so
i am hoping to release these for christmas this year! I am super excited
and if anyone takes a picture please please email me as i cannot make it there.

There are three toys that i am making , two are eggtarts with different facial
expressions and one is musseloom a cute mushroom kid with mushrooms growing
from the top of his head! I will have to post pics once i get a prototype from them.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Craft Party Time!

Today i went to visit Laurraine Yuyama and her cute daughter Claire for a crafting party!
She runs her etsy store " Patchwork Pottery" specializing in japanese inspired quilt crafts and pottery that are super cute and very well made!Both of us were also in the "i Love handicrafts " Book released this year.

It was a blast having someone to talk shop with and we had a great lunch with some salad i brought and she made some sandwiches with homemade bread! later we both ended up getting into baking bread with a book she has called "artisan bread in five minutes" which i totally have to buy soon.
And i'm not even mentioning the cupcakes! :D

We actually got a little crafting done too but it was really cool since her husband, Sota Yuyama works in animation we know so many other people in the animation circle of really is a small world!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Just back from Tofino, i thought tofino
was going to be super hot but boy was i wrong!
It was really cloudy most of the time with
some rare sun once in a while. The place we stayed at was
overlooking the water and really nice and the
town had some great local fish. yum!

Here are some pics i took.Now Back to Sewing!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mia Hansen

I had the pleasure to meet Mia Hansen yesterday , a local plush artist whose work i admired for a while now! We did a toy swap in which i gave her my handmade egg tart she liked and i got this cute red kitty plush she made. She said she screenprinted it in her little apartment!

I went with her to Occupied and she dropped off some more kitties to sell there so you can get your own now! If you don't live in vancouver she also has a new etsy store here!

Now all i have to do is find room for my toy but luckily i went to Ikea last weekend and Jayson
and i put together a toy cabinet which i have been badly needing since i don't like to have dust collect on my plush art toys. Check it out!and open sesame!
top is misc toys and bottom is all toys me and jayson made

Top is dream pets and bottom misc toystop is mostly handmade plush art toys i love and the bottom is all jayson's handmade toys
and sculptures.

sigh toy addiction i alone here?? haha

Friday, July 04, 2008

Cute YouTube Booty 4

I have been super sewing away this week! Working on Plush Art pieces for upcoming art shows
which i plan to get pics up eventually. Also working on some zakka inspired pieces as i am in love with the zakka style and have been looking at many magazines..So here are some cute bits i found on you tube while researching stuff! Enjoy!