Monday, August 25, 2008

Life is messy and sometimes sweet..

For the last two weeks i was super busy at the animation studio but i am free again to continue my sewing! I also updated my website with the FUN section! Whee!

i also joined my last art show of the year, even tho i said no more i couldn't resist joining this one!
It's called Stuff This! and is in the rivet gallery in Ohio in December.

Makes me think that gallery shows are always having similar names like Plush you..Stuff this..and also i am in Plush it!?! It gets super confusing!! So please no more similar names k? haha

Also my basement is a big mess as i am trying to renovate the sewing/ animation studio
into a better place to create! Hopefully have it done before summer ends! here were some cool studios i am using for inspiration!
Lastly i just got an email from this Garret French who told me of his tee shirts that you can turn into stuffed toys when they are worn out! I really like this idea too!


sunnie_fairy said...

wow! turning t-shirts into stuffies... :]

sj said...

Ooh, the first one is purty.