Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Chickadee dee dee

my first attempt at hand embroidery.
i have been mulling with this idea as i
have been falling in love with embroidery lately!

This is my own made design and pattern too.
I have it up on my shop but i am planning to make more
for craft shows possibly coming up? I still am waiting to get accepted
as now i found out i got rejected from one already..sigh!
Why is it harder to get into a dinky community craft show than in an art show?


Laurraine Yuyama said...

Your first attempt?! It is wonderful and the design is great! I love the whimsical holly branch!!! Your stitches look great!

Did you use a back stitch, running stitch or a reverse running stitch? I use the reverse running stitch rather than the back stitch because there is less bluk in the back and then both sides are beautiful ;o)

Sorry to hear about the rejection.. I was rejected for the last book I tried to get patterns in. Oh well! Think of it as a positive thing... more time to make gifts for Christmas?! Is that positive :oP

Hugs, L

Behind ouou said...

Oh chubby little birdy- I love embroidery and I love these pictures! :D
Keep applying & good luck!