Monday, October 06, 2008

Plush You Show Oct 10th!

A big shout out to all that can go see the plush you show in Seattle this week!
I can't make it out this year, as i am planning a trip to san fran later this month.
However it will be the first year i miss it so please drop by and take pics for me to check out!

I made three plush for it this year! Here is a sneak peek!
This is Lamby Poo and yes the little lamby has a little surprise in her! hehe
and i made a very limited run of these cakes! Strawberry and black forest! yummy!


Shmancy is posting up the toys in her online store and some of my toys are up and hopefully the rest will be up soon so check it up.


Marce said...

the lanby is adorable! i love your plushies!

this Just in said...

Lamby Poo really takes the cake. Thanks for making me giggle1 :)

Alina Chau said...

fun and cute!!

kennypark said...

I like the Lamby Poo, Joc. He/she reminds me of those things that you throw balls at at the PNE.. except that these are too cute to throw anything at.

TokyoBunnie said...

These are super adorable!!!

HYOJI LEE said...

I think the chocolate one looks yummy