Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! You Tube Booty

But First!

I am happy to say that my blog was awarded a blog award on the Bambole Di Pezze! You can see who else was included here!

Now to celebrate my traditional new years i am uploading some of my fav you tube vids of the year, sometimes i list the best movies of the year, but i really didn't like many at all this year, as far as i am concerned the internet is way more entertaining!
I am listing them in order of cute to funny see the strange progression!

Many good wishes in the new year and my resolution is to keep my crafts going this year with the upcoming baby and all. haha we will see:P

I want to go here for my cute!

i think this is the one i have watched the most particularly the last cat" old don johnson get s me everytime!"

This song has been stuck in my head since...

i dunno...

1 comment:

Heyhomee said...

All totally funny! But you didn't like this one?

C'mon now, she's the Bestest! Happy 2009 to you also!