Monday, February 23, 2009

My Plushies for the Phantom Gallery Art Show

Here are the plush toys that we made for the "Freezer Isle" Show at the Phantom Gallery
in Orange, CA this March 14. Check out the website for exact locations as this Gallery
has shows in empty spaces around the city.

“Somewhere between igloo’s and frozen peas there lies Freezer Isle!!!
A place where popsicles eat penguins.”

A plush show to include not only things found in the freezer but also inhabitants of the frozen artic. "

I made 3 "Miss Rocketpop's" because they are my favorite popsicle since i was a kid looking at the ultra bright red, white and turquoise make me happy :D

Jayson also made 3 ICE-KIMOS! basically ice-cream eskimos (i know it's not entirely politically correct, but Ice-Cream Inuits just don't have the same ring)

they are in the colours of Neapolitan ice-cream... which looks better than it tastes.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cone gnome Shop Update

This was the most popular toy at the craft fair and we sold out, however these are two that were a custom order that didn't turn out and so i am now listing them on my etsy store for $18.

Actually what is interesting about this toy is that i did a little drawing of this toy and jayson took it and sewed it so it is made by both of us!

We plan to make much more in the future including an evil gnome and girl gnomes. We made a order for fabric from spoonflower which is a cool website that you can order your own fabric printed by the meter and we are waiting for that to come in.

I also want to make more fabric also but with baby stuff on my mind nowadays it is really hard to get into the crafting bug lately. haha back to online baby research.:P

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eggtarts on Ice!

My friend recently went to an ice skating competition and she wanted to throw some toys on the ice, so she got a couple of my eggtarts.

One eggtart went to Yu-Na Kim of Korea, two-time World bronze medallist and gold medalist at this event (Four Continents figure skating championship). The other eggtart went to Patrick Chan of Canada, who won the men's event. :D

She also found some video clips of Yu-Na Kim picking up the tart and the other one she kind of looks at it as if thinking "what is this? " hehee

Monday, February 09, 2009


By far the best movie i have seen in a year,
Truly a unique story that isn't all revealed in the trailer and is creepy and beautiful.
The amount of work is unbelievable especially since i have just finished a stop motion
short i can really REALLY appreciate it:D
this is a clip of the AMAZING tiny knitting required for the movie. Fascinating!
Go see it!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

GroundHog Day

If i ever go to Torrington, Alberta i am going here first!

It's the "World Famous Golpher Hole Museum!"
My love of taxidermy and cute outfits unite in a wonderful display to
taunt the senses and tickle my morbid curiousity!

Here is a taste! Thanks to Smithco on Flickr for posting these!