Monday, February 23, 2009

My Plushies for the Phantom Gallery Art Show

Here are the plush toys that we made for the "Freezer Isle" Show at the Phantom Gallery
in Orange, CA this March 14. Check out the website for exact locations as this Gallery
has shows in empty spaces around the city.

“Somewhere between igloo’s and frozen peas there lies Freezer Isle!!!
A place where popsicles eat penguins.”

A plush show to include not only things found in the freezer but also inhabitants of the frozen artic. "

I made 3 "Miss Rocketpop's" because they are my favorite popsicle since i was a kid looking at the ultra bright red, white and turquoise make me happy :D

Jayson also made 3 ICE-KIMOS! basically ice-cream eskimos (i know it's not entirely politically correct, but Ice-Cream Inuits just don't have the same ring)

they are in the colours of Neapolitan ice-cream... which looks better than it tastes.


aidan said...

The rocket pops are awesome and yeah Ice-Kimos may not be politically correct and all, but they certainly are adorable ;)

stephiee said...

omg they're all so cute...maybe i'll have time to check out the show when i visit southern california in march!

TokyoBunnie said...

These are adorable!!

SteveLambe said...

Another winner. These are fantastic,Jocelan.

Anonymous said...

I love the ice-kimos they are extremely cute.

Anonymous said...

I love the ice-kimos they are extremely cute.

mushroommeadows said...

The ice cream theme is so cute! I like the rocket pops triple color scheme and the little tongues sticking out of the ice-kimos are adorable!!! :) Both you guys did an amazing job!

Brook said...

aaahh I love the eskimo children!

Dennis Luis said...

i love these!!!! love the fluff!!!!