Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Loaf You Custom Order

This was a custom order i did a month ago for a ultracute couple. I actually found the loaf to be a bit more difficult to sew but i am very happy with the results after chucking my first version in the bin! I also used some leftover sponge i had to stuff it and that also held the shapes really well.

I think i will be taking a break soon as i am 8 months pregnant and trying to buy the rest of the stuff i need for my labour and pregnancy. I was at value village and got some great deals yesterday! I should post the baby room when it is done. Everything so far is second hand and it looks so cute! But i plan to sew till the end to finish up orders and also perhaps actually sew stuff for the baby room, my quilt is coming along slowly!!

Also i also have to say thanks to everyone who came for the baby shower party this week !
This is a super cute cupcake tower of our knomes that my friend Vivianne made for it. She is starting her own cupcake business and i know it will do well! See her Flickr here!


Anonymous said...

Love the loaves of bread - great job! Also - wow, it isn't long to go now - are you excited, nervous?

The baby shower cupcakes look gorgeous - hope your friends business goes well.

Tizzalicious said...

The loafs are so great!

And I love the cupcakes!

Brook said...

Oh I love the bread!!!