Saturday, March 28, 2009

A sign of spring?

Well spring is slowly creeping in to this lousy winter!
Here are some updates on the baby room,
i might add that the lion picture, lamb tile and changing table are both second hand as well as the house shelf. Most of what i got is either from craigs list or value village!
today jaysons parents came by and replaced the window also so it will keep the room nice and warm. :D
Also i am starting to add some easter stuff to the cutesypoo store!
Here is BubbleGum Birdy! She is a big plushie for me ( about 9.5 inches tall!)

Here is Lilac Pup Pup a smaller plush that is the same one that was in the Plush You art show in Seattle and featured in the Plush you book!

Here is Blueberry Bear! This is a larger plush than lilac pup pup.

Raspberry Bunny! Also a larger plush!

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see bub's room coming along - not long to go now!