Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spring Cone Gnome Shop Update and video!

Our last release of the spring cone gnomes ended selling out! So we are release more
this time in case you missed the first batch! These are also made out of the 100% cotton fabric printed by spoonflower so they are the perfect colour!

Here is also the full line of cone gnomes we will be releasing one for each season so you can collect them all!
Get one to decorate your inside garden or your desk!


Here is our cone gnome music video!


mushroommeadows said...

hahahaha I like it when they roll off the slide. :)

The music is very catchy, too!

Funny thing is that I have videos of my dolls, too...hahaha!

PatchworkPottery said...

Hahaha! I can't help but smile when I watch the Cone Gnome Party video! The music is perfect and my favourite scene is when they roll down the slide! Did you have any onlookers watching you at the playground thinking you were crazy?!?! Hugs, L

PatchworkPottery said...

Claire wants to watch it over & over again! She giggles all the way through! :o)

PatchworkPottery said...

Next time you should tape the bottom of the gnome to the swing and give him a push!!! Great timing with the video & music :o)

Elizabeth said...

Haha, can I just say I am in love with your gnomes? Sooo cute! :)

Jocelan Thiessen said...

I am happy that Claire liked it! yeah we should have taped the bottom but we didn't bring any with us..maybe next time as we plan to make one with each season of gnomes!

Amarettogirl said...

I just discovered your blog! So happy to make your virtual acquaintance :) I absolutely love your designs, objects/toys and style ---I've posted a bit about Kawaii Not in the past and your logo/icon is BRILLIANTLY Kawaii-not! I've bookmarked you and I will be sure to stop by often - come check out my neck of the woods too!