Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3 month update!

i was considering making a new blog to seperate the baby updates but i decided against it so just so you craftsters know i am still planning more crafts but life is all baby right now!

So, xen is now 3 months and getting heavy! she is close to 12 pounds so i call her turkey legs hehe..she is also starting to notice toys! yummy..i have just one gripe and that is whenever i meet strangers and they stop that i can almost bet that they will say " Enjoy it now! they grow up soooo fast!"
Well i can't speak for everyone but with my straggly hair and darkend baggy eyes i look at them and think.. WTF?? uhh you probably blocked out major parts cuz it feels like longer than 3 months to me! However maybe i will be reading this blog years from now and completely disagree..but i doubt it.

On a different note i am majorly looking forward to some movies coming up this year which is very rare so i wanted to post them here!

Fantastic Mr fox is a stop motion flick directed by my fav director wes anderson and is based on a ronald dahl book.
I love fashion and coco chanel is one of my icons PLUS i love actress audrey tatau ( Amelie)

This just seems fun plus it is a original story ..and the food theme seems right up my alley!

Lastly i wanted to update that the star wars art show went very well and we sold out of our jawas on opening day! Thanks to all that came out! Plus our toys were also on display at San Diego Comic con this year again at DKE Toys booth!


Anonymous said...

Your baby is adorable! Makes my maternal instincts really come out!
I found your blog through another blog... how cool it was to find another Vancouverite!


Anonymous said...

What a cutie!

I totally hear you on the "they grow up fast" comment. I was very happy to say good bye to the first 3 months - they were awful, tiring and very trying! Enjoying motherhood much more now that Zoe is 10 months.

Jocelan Thiessen said...

red deer-

yeah that sounds encouraging! i look forward to when she can say words for sure!

Green-Eyed Butterfly said...

Your baby is so adorable and yes, those first few months feel like a lifetime. I remember that as my baby turns 33 today and is waiting for her baby.

PatchworkPottery said...

Xen looks like she is striking a ballet pose in the pink knit vintage dress!!!