Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Grumpy Bert and Propaganda

I am happy to say that our toys are now available at 2 new stores!

The first is a brand new online store called Grumpy Bert ( i love the name!)
They have all our cone gnomes available and do check out what other cute things they
carry as well!

you can join their facebook group here.

The other i am actually shipping off today is to a Store in Toronto called Propaganda
which i already sell my eggtarts in but they are now carrying some of my handmade
toys now as well. I am shipping them my cone gnomes in both large and small sizes and
also they are going to carry Mr Hot dog bun just in time for chinese new year!

Don't forget to look at my etsy for a very special valentine gnome that we are working on!
I might even have to take preorders as i won't have many available. Plus i hope to have some other goodies as well if i have a bit of time in between xen crawling and getting into everything!! haha


olivia said...

I love those gnome guys, I'm going to have to get myself one.

ohthecuteness said...

Super cool! Are there any stores in the San Francisco Bay Area that sell your plushies?