Saturday, February 27, 2010

yummmmmmm ....?

This is a restaurant called Modern Toilet in Taipei, Taiwan.
It is all with seats that are toilets and bowls that are toilets as well.
By the way this place is so popular there are 12 locations!
Soo cutesypoo ...:P

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eat Poop and Laundry

Thus is my life..................... but things are a changin soon
as i might start work next month ( 5 weeks gig)
and grandma can babysit..i will work from home mostly so it won't be too bad ( i hope )
but i am really looking forward to it :DDD

If any of you live in vancouver reading this, i am selling some of xen's clothes on craigslist.
I have WAYYYYY to many!! The listing is HERE.

Also her are some pics from chinese new year we had at popo's!
Xen is getting bigger she is 9 months now, but still small for her size so i am trying my best to get her to eat something instead of flinging it straight to the floor..
she loves those rice crackers at least! :P

Happy year of the tiger everyone!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Mine is on the left but the fake is on the right with the chain attached.

I was at a chinese mall and was surprised and sort of not surprised to find a fake of my eggtarts..
The company is called xiangxing and it is called MINI- Q..
i think the tag is fake as well as we looked and found no such company online..

Do you have any advice what i should do? I don't really think i can do much but i wanted to give you all a heads up anyway.

My OFFICIAL Store link is here

Buy it also at lots of stores near you here

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Love Cone Gnomes!

I am finally posting some pics of our new line of gnomes we are slowly releasing this year!

The theme is emotions and we have already released angry gnome and so with valentines around the corner we are releasing love gnome. ( my personal favorite!)

This is also the first of our cotton canvas gnomes which is a better material as well.
We are planning on releasing sad gnome and cheery gnome around fall 2010.

Check out my shop for all other cute goodies!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Be My Cutesypoo Valentines Limited Plush!!

Well after much trial and error learning how to work the new embroidery machine that my stepmother bought we have much improved our cutesypoo plush and are proud to present a limited run of pink cutesypoo's just in time for valentines day!! Visit our shop to get one soon,
i have a feeling they won't last long!!

We also made a couple of our original popular cutesypoo pillows that are also available in a cutesypoo combo in our shop with our cutesypoo tees.

also don't forget a card for the special some one too!