Saturday, February 27, 2010

yummmmmmm ....?

This is a restaurant called Modern Toilet in Taipei, Taiwan.
It is all with seats that are toilets and bowls that are toilets as well.
By the way this place is so popular there are 12 locations!
Soo cutesypoo ...:P


Candy Bello said...

What a cool place! I never seen a toilet restaurant before!


Carrie said...

I've seen a few pictures... but yours are very much more detailed than the ones I've already come across. All I have to say is... hahahahahahaha!!!! You made my night. How can this be real? and... I must go there.

flora said...

Haha... I've seen it on Food Network over here. I am from Taipei but I've never been there. Must be a newer restaurant. So cool!

euphoria said...

disgusting and hilarious, all at the same time! :o)

sn said...

we have it here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia too.. i have not been to the restaurant but will give it a try and let u know how it feels.. ^*^

urban craft said...

man, the coolest stuff is always in asia. I wonder if there are franchise opportunities for the states.

Fantastic Toys said...

Weird! I just don't get it. :P