Friday, March 12, 2010

Big steps ahead

No..xen is not walking yet..but she is almost there!!

However she has just turned 10 months old and things are about to change as i am starting a short job back at the animation studio in a week! I am glad to say i am working on the remake of My Little Pony! It is very very very cute..believe me!

So of course i will be taking a short break on the toys this month which i am sure is going to be slow as march is usually anyway. Also plans are slow going but we are hoping to get a house built in a year so i am excited about that as well.



kirsten said...

Ooh - where are you building your house? That sounds dreamy.

Mirabel is walking now - though she still does use crawling to get places quickly. I can't believe she's turning one in just three weeks!

Good luck with your journey!

ohthecuteness said...

Oh man she is getting so big!
You are so lucky to get to work on the new MLP! I work in a toy store and I love the redesigned toys so far.

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

So, so adorable, I love the hairstyle :D