Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gnomes gnomes gnomes gnomes.......

I am going gnome crazy these days! Check out this order i just shipped out this morning to propaganda which apparently can't keep them on the shelves!!

So i broke down and hired a sewing partner to help me sew gnomes for the next batches or i would be sewing until morning each day! Actually i am super happy to find her and it gives me more time in the future to expand on the backlog of new things i want to make!

Like..we are going to have cheery and sad gnomes coming very soon :D

Oh and in the photos are some new backpack gnomes ! Just the thing to wear on your backpacking trek through europe! I hope to make more of these for the etsy store also.

Thoughts i am thinking lately include.. i crazy to try to build a new house?
..should i go to comic con?


Heather said...

Back... pack... gnome?!?! MUST HAVE!!!!

Trevor! said...

Holy smokes that is a load of Gnomes! Your last question is easy. YES you should go to Comic Con!

cArLa said...

i wouldn't be surprised that they are selling out so fast, they are so friggin cute!