Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shop Update!!

Just finally putting the last of the emotional gnomes up for sale on my etsy shop!
Rounding out the set is Angry Gnome in small and LARGE!
Plus we now have small and large Winter gnomes as well!
I am so happy to finally offer both sets in full now in the shop.

Also i got a couple of Clearance gnomes for grabs as well!

Now i feel confident to move on to getting my stock for christmas craft stuff as well
as a couple of special halloween gnomes? maybe?!!?!

Okay gotta make some poo keychains now.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

summer lemonade!

We have been slackin here at cutesypoo toys, due to lovely weather this last while..but now the weather is starting to get a chill in the air and i think i will be really very crazy busy this next while with building our new home! Yes i am sooooo excited!! We were at the bank and things are starting to gear up so we can start constructing a new nest for our family:D

Also here is my latest vintage find! A handmade loop rug for 3.99! It is in new condition and even has a tag on the back that says"handmade by amanda"
I don't know if i will have much time for crafting as i will be busy making a house..(now that's DIY!! ) haha but i plan to post as much about the house in this blog to keep it going..right?

lastly i will be doing a great giveaway in sept so keep your eye out;D

Friday, August 13, 2010

Cheery and Sad Gnomes are here!!

I finally had time to take some pics and post these up!
They are in both small and large size and really are a great pair !

Now i finally am complete on my emotional gnome set in
plush form so you can have the entire collection soon, i have to list the angry one soon to really complete it.

Also i posted up some large LOVE gnomes as well as some misprinted Large love gnomes
which are a real steal at only $6.99 as we misprinted one of the eyes but you can hardly tell so it was such a shame to throw it out i thought so i listed them as well!

just had to include a pic of what xen did while mommy was doing her gnome photoshoot..:P