Saturday, August 21, 2010

summer lemonade!

We have been slackin here at cutesypoo toys, due to lovely weather this last while..but now the weather is starting to get a chill in the air and i think i will be really very crazy busy this next while with building our new home! Yes i am sooooo excited!! We were at the bank and things are starting to gear up so we can start constructing a new nest for our family:D

Also here is my latest vintage find! A handmade loop rug for 3.99! It is in new condition and even has a tag on the back that says"handmade by amanda"
I don't know if i will have much time for crafting as i will be busy making a house..(now that's DIY!! ) haha but i plan to post as much about the house in this blog to keep it going..right?

lastly i will be doing a great giveaway in sept so keep your eye out;D

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Jen said...

Your daughter is so cute!

Your newest find is amazing! I love finding things I love at a good price. Yay for Disney!