Thursday, October 07, 2010

Vampire Gnomes have escaped!!

I got some request to make my monster gnomes into plush lately so i decided to do just that!
He is the nocturnal and moody type always hungry for your blooood! MUHAHHAHA!!
So get your mitts on a very special limited release of Cute Vampire Cone Gnomes for Halloween!
up in my shop!

Speaking of Halloween, i just came back from a wonderful weekend vacation in Portland and really fell in love with the city! This is just some random pics i took while doing..what for it...nothing!! :DDD
 Below is from voodoo doughnuts..soo yummy...

 Saturday was good but not as much crafts as i liked..the good stuff seems to be in the small shops all over town..
Coffeeeeeeee and Fooodd

 My prize possession on this trip was a handmade pillow which i dub "breakfast in bed" got it at a store
called Redux across from the great jupiter hotel i stayed in.


miran said...

Vampire Gnome is super cute!!! Loving the fangs on him. Haha

Looks like you guys had fun in Portland! :D

Carrie said...

my eye went directly to that pillow!!! ohmigosh that's SO cute!!!

Jocelan Thiessen said...

yeah that pillow is made by "corinne's creations using recycled says "recycled wool and upholstry samples on the pillow i got!