Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fooling around with my new ipad :D

I have to admit i am NEVER easily impressed by well..anything lately so my new purchase of the ipad 2 was not a biggie, my mom has one and i was on the edge of seeing if i really needed one too since Xen has been so into my mom's that when she gets home. Xen is up and running to her saying "game?" Game?" hehe

But lo i am really happy to say it has become my new favorite thing, since my old itouch i can now see i badly needed the upgrade!!  I don't want to gush too much but here is a couple of pics i snapped with it and already i can easily check my etsy shop while cooking dinner and update my paper gnomes at the same time?? Nice..VERY nice..Of course even better that i bought i with $$ from my etsy shop entirely!

As far as life goes we have JUST sold the house yesterday and the final walk thru with the new home is next week. So i was up and packing today and can't believe it is only 2 weeks away to the BIG moving day!! I guess i can post up pics here as well but you can also check out my house blog on it here.

When i move in i think my creative self will wake up from a long long slumber but i have a long list of unpacking , setting up the house before i get there..however i am already getting invites to crafty things that i am starting to consider..which is great because i have had some great shows and oppurtunities that i had to turn down to focus on the house stuff and it has bummed me out sort of hopefully good things will come in this fall ;D