Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cupcake stand story and a glimpse of the new home :D

I have been on a quest..for the last year or more to find the perfect cupcake stand for the perfect price.
There was a close to perfect one i almost bought on etsy a while back but the shipping was equal to the item and i backed out..would have probably been close to $50..

I decided that i would look around Vallue village whenever i dropped off donations ..which was pretty often when you are moving and selling your townhome. I was there every month but no luck! So this week i had just moved into the new home and went to the Bank to deposit my final check from the sale of the townhome ( which was the biggest check i will ever carry in my life!) And i decided to get off the bus on the way home to check out a furniture place, but it was closed so i went to the next bus stop and it was right the window of the salvation army. I HAD to have it! 

Oh and it was $15! And there was a bit of coffee stains here and there but after i got it home it cleaned up and the parts were it unscrews was really stuck and some WD40 did the trick there as well.

I plan to use it at my craft sales for displaying my egg tarts and what not, as well as for eating cupcakes at tea time of course! 

This was another bargain at $20 that i cannot take credit for as my mom actually scored this for xen..I love the little prince!

I hope to show off more of the house as it goes along!
And my flickr is back on! wee!


Clio said...

Man, your place looks beautiful, Joce!! And I love the new cupcake stand.

Deer Little Fawn said...

I love your egg tarts! :)
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!