Friday, July 22, 2011

Handmade toys for sale!

Here are the toys i have for sale from my personal handmade collection!
I didn't make these ( see below to see who did!)
Prices are all negotiable as well. Just email me at or comment below!
( See previous Post for the commercial toys i am selling)

This is in mint condition and still has the tag on it.
It is made by Simpli Jesse and the doll has a name and description:
Oli was once riding a horse so fast it began to fly! sheloves taking photographs of dried greass and will sometines turn the lights on and off and on again when she's happy!
Brand new these dolls are $100, asking $40.

"Senior Acorn" By Michelle Valigura
bought this guy from plush art show "Plush You!" 

Also from plush art show "Plush you!"

Might add more later from jays collection. But i would get a hold of these fast if you want them, they are sure to be gone!

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