Friday, August 26, 2011

Gnomes no more!

Well i am sad to announce i am officially stopping all gnome production. This means my current stock will sell on etsy until basically all are sold out. When it comes down to it . they are so so fun but i think i want to move on to doing other things instead!

What am i thinking of moving on to?? Well i want to do more creative ventures instead of just the labour side. Things like making patterns of toys i already have like eggtart, coconut name it!
This is more because i think with this economy, people most likely are not into paying tons for stuffed toys but are more than willing to pay a couple of dollars to make one themselves. I now also have a kid and boy does that teach you more than anything what makes a good toy is one they can play with , and not just sit and look pretty!! So yeah i am thinking play food stuffies pattern and things like that..

I will also be more into doing art shows and one off things of that nature! I already have one that i am
getting involved in.

We are starting a clearance sale starting today!! Gnomes are now $10 and Cutesypoo Tees are only $6!!
So basically if you ever wanted one of my stuffies from my etsy shop, i would get one before they all disappear!!

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