Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Unpacking is harder than packing..

 I have been purging stuff the last 6 months and now that we are moved, it seems like nothing we packed actually works in the new home either! So..we are purging again! I just sold our kitchen table and chairs and a chinese screen as well as loads of stuff i am putting together for a garage sale..on the other hand we just bought a couch and chair and new dining table that are lovely! I am not showing it off until the entire living room is done.  This cute pic of xen making a mini picnic from a stool in our kitchen while i was cooking dinner turned out really nice with no effects added, i like the faded light from the kitchen window just turned out like that naturally!

Pics below are my new sewing nook!
This is our top floor where the stairs wind up and we originally had it closed off office but later on decided to open it up for a more brighter feeling. I had to get rid of so much to fit all my stuff here as it is much smaller than my old area. However it was all stuff i would  have probably never used anyway.

 This is the opposite side where we had them make a small shelf in the wall for displaying things.
The door leads into the an extra bedroom where the baby crib is.

This brown hutch on the right is my chinese grandmother's and i just inherited it last year when she passed away. It is in wonderful shape and I plan to sand it and paint it white. For now it holds my fabric perfectly!

Lastly a pic my friend Sabrina took when she was in the Sandiego comicon of my egg tarts and musseloom! I am ordering more to put in the store soon! 


Hobo Divine said...

(2nd photo) Wow Xen has your mannerisms!
... and you are right unpacking is harder than packing!
... unless of course if your Santa.

goldenrusset said...

all Santa has to do is stick his finger up his nose and he's DONE!

HYOJI LEE said...

Xen is so cute in the picture! she is such a adorable lady~

Deer Little Fawn said...

Xen is SO cute! :) x